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Streamline Designs Assists ICON Aircraft on A5 FAA Audit.

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Strategy, Planning, and Certification Consulting

ICON Aircraft, a cutting edge airplane manufacturer, and Streamline Designs (SD), a consulting and technical solutions company, began working together in 2014 with the purpose of bringing ICON’s A5 through its FAA audit. ICON was in the process of designing their first aircraft, an amphibious LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) that promised to change recreational flying. Their goal is simple, make flying as fun and freeing in reality as it always is in people’s heads. They just needed a little help. Enter Streamline Designs.
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Air-Cam 914 Engine Installations

Engine Installation Design

The client requested a new engine installation design for an existing airframe, but with new engines that produce 15% more power. The fielded solution included the design, analysis, drawing generation, and related construction manual generation. Considerations for the twin engine design included retrofit capability for fielded aircraft, fuel, electrical, and related systems, additional life of parts, airframe-powerplant interaction, vibration, noise characteristics, and weight and balance.

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Landing Gear Design

An existing landing gear system was redesigned to meet the structural requirements for load factor during an aggressive drop test. Finite Element Analysis and a homegrown energy-based gear design code were used. According to the client, “the new design is superior and passes drop tests far in excess of the requirements” and “provides a smoother ride during taxi, takeoff, and landing.”

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Product Certification Consulting

SD was engaged to provide high level strategic consultation for an international certification project, as well as detailed technical assistance with compliance, test, and analysis.

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Adam Morrison Named ASTM Committee Chairman 2016-05-04

ASTM formally announced on 12 April 2016 that Adam has been named chairman of ASTM International Committee F37 on Light Sport Aircraft. Officers are elected to committee every two years. Previously Adam had served as the vice-chairman of Committee F37. For additional information see the full release from ASTM International.

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