Streamline Designs is a consulting and engineering company committed to providing cost effective and timely solutions for a wide variety of technical needs. We aim to be the ‘go-to’ provider of technical consulting services and solutions in the light aviation industry. We also develop innovative product solutions serving multiple markets, leveraging ‘cross-pollination’ of technologies and ideas.

Based near Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, our small size and flexibility allow us to provide you with cost effective and timely solutions to your technical needs and challenges. We have been involved with things that fly (both large and small) for well over 20 years, so we are in touch with the needs and challenges facing this industry.

And we love to fly, just like you!

What We Stand For: Our Core Values and Behaviors

Our Ultimate Purpose: The Why Behind the What

Streamline Designs is a small business of engineers committed to providing cost effective and timely solutions for a variety of technical needs. With over 20 years of experience in aviation, we are a leading provider of technical consulting services and solutions within the light aviation industry. SD develops innovative product solutions while serving a wide array of markets, leveraging the cross-pollination of technologies and ideas. We are a Christian-owned company, whose efforts are intended to reflect Jesus Christ in many ways, such as:

  • Bringing honesty, integrity, and truth to every business interaction.
  • Engaging in projects that provide mutual benefit to all parties involved, including fair pricing of products and services.


AJM_500x500 Adam Morrison Adam converted his childhood love for flying “low and slow” into an aerospace career focused on solving demanding technical and business challenges. Adam is a leading consultant in the light aircraft industry utilizing systems thinking, hands-on experience, and an attentive and diplomatic approach to help aircraft manufacturers bring new products to market and to solve their most challenging problems. Adam serves as Vice-Chairman of the ASTM Committee on Light Sport Aircraft as well as Chairman of the Fixed Wing Subcommittee. Through his leadership in the development of light aircraft industry standards since 2002, Adam has consistently demonstrated the ability to bring consensus among a wide range of diverse interests.  

MSHM Marcie Morrison Marcie is a third generation entrepreneur whose fast-paced intensity complements Adam’s thoughtful innovation. After enjoying a career in gas turbine engineering, Marcie turned her attention to equipping others through Streamline Designs, the church and in the Morrison’s own home. Marcie enjoys integrating life as an engineer and culture-maker. She likes to learn and make things.