Adam Morrison of Streamline Designs named as chairman of ASTM Light Sport Aircraft Fixed-Wing Subcommittee

Toronto, Canada Adam Morrison took over as chairman of the ASTM subcommittee F37.20 for fixed wing aircraft during the May 2006 LSA consensus standards meetings in Toronto, Canada. Adam has been actively involved with the ASTM consensus standard process for LSA since its formation in 2002. Going forward, Adam will be responsible for leading the subcommittee in the refinement of existing standards for design and performance, quality systems, and continued airworthiness for Light Sport Aircraft. In addition, Adam will lead any new activity related to standards for fixed-wing aircraft.

Upon taking this position, Adam said the following: “This position is extremely important as this industry is still in its infancy and is working through many growing pains. I look forward to leading the consensus standard effort for fixed wing aircraft to help insure that the integrity of the Light Sport Aircraft industry is maintained.”

The same expertise that Adam brings to the ASTM committee is available from Streamline Designs. Please contact us for help with any of your light aircraft technical needs.