A SCRUMptious Alternative

Image of a big red "x" through a large Gantt chart

You may have had this experience — in a student project, a house remodel, or at work. You are managing or a part of a big project that contains a bunch of mini-projects or every day actions that must be done in a way which completes the overall objectives. You make (or are given) a …

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Crowdfunding Helped Us Launch WaterStrider™

WaterStrider on Phantom on muddy water

We recently told you about our hardware startup, DroneRafts LLC. Since then, we have had a successful Kickstarter campaign, gone into production with WaterStrider™, and we are current beginning work with distributors and Amazon for wider distribution of the production WaterStrider. We have been asked a lot of questions about both UAS as well as …

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Adam Morrison Named ASTM Committee Chairman

ASTM formally announced on 12 April 2016 that Adam has been named chairman of ASTM International Committee F37 on Light Sport Aircraft. Officers are elected to committee every two years. Previously Adam had served as the vice-chairman of Committee F37. For additional information see the full release from ASTM International.

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ASTM Course on Standards for Light Sport Aircraft

Class attendees

Another ASTM Standards for Light Sport Aircraft course is in the books and it was a great one. In early February attendees from two manufacturers attended the two day course in Vacaville, CA. Since first being offered officially in 2009, 64 people have taken this class in three different countries. Currently there are two opportunities …

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‘Ballot Fatigue’ and the LSA Industry

Ballot Activity Infographic

Introduction Over the last several years there has been a great deal of back and forth over F2245 (Standard Specification for Design and Performance of a Light Sport Airplane). The Committee on LSA has always been viewed as a poster child for rapid development and flexibility, being “able to accelerate their standards writing activities and …

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Streamline Designs and the ICON A5

Adam with ICON A5 Cert Team

ICON Aircraft, a cutting edge airplane manufacturer, and Streamline Designs (SD), a consulting and technical solutions company, began working together in 2014 with the purpose of bringing ICON’s A5 through its FAA audit. ICON was in the process of designing their first aircraft, an amphibious LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) that promised to change recreational flying. …

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Streamline Designs Assists ICON Aircraft on A5 FAA Audit

ICON A5 two planes over water

Streamline Designs worked with ICON Aircraft over the past 18 months to assist with the ASTM compliance, FAA audit process, and development of the A5 technical publications. Originally brought on to evaluate ICON’s overall strategy, plans, and timeline for the audit, SD made several suggestions for improvements which resulted in significant cost and time savings …

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LSA Manufacturer Training, A Controversial Topic

Requiring periodic manufacturer training for compliance to ASTM standards exists in many industries. From environmental compliance to flammability requirements for clothing, many standards-regulated groups agree globally that a culture of trained personnel is beneficial for actual compliance and the peace of mind that comes from it. Last January, Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) ASTM Subcommittee F37.70 …

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