Now Required: ASTM Compliance Training

ASTM Sunriver Training Class

Adam Morrison of Streamline Designs recently led a class of 15 through the ASTM Technical & Professional Training Course on the ASTM Standards for Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) in Sunriver, Oregon. The training course, offered through ASTM, is recommended for anyone who is manufacturing Light Sport Aircraft, as well as management, engineers, distributors, and other …

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Elegant and Green

We replaced our dinosaur (11 year old!) Dell laptop last week. After I signed for the box and we opened the package, the first thing I noticed wasn’t the number of USB ports or the color of the casing. It wasn’t the slim power supply. It was the absolutely elegant packaging solution. The box was …

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We ask ourselves, “How can we add value?”

Airplane Aerodynamic Model

When was the last time you had to do something over, because it was more important in the urgent moment, to have the appearance of being “done,” of “having arrived?” And how often it is that we believe that success, or at least this appearance of success, is what draws others toward us — as …

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From the archives: Propeller Inertia and Why It Matters

Propeller Hub

With our website refreshment in-process, we decided to go back through the archives and select some of the most popular articles for re-posting. Enjoy this “classic” on prop inertia from the Fall of 2009. In recent years, there has been substantial confusion in the light aircraft and ultralight industry regarding propeller inertia. Rotax specifies the …

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The Backpack


So Adam just ordered this new backpack. We hope it arrives in time for our AirVenture departure. He travels quite a bit, and has traversed the globe through airports and public transportation, preferring to do so hands free. His previous pack, also by Wenger, lasted about 8 years. It was a workhorse. We love(d) it. …

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ASTM International Awards 2012

In the fall of 2012 Adam Morrison and Severin Kempf of Streamline Designs, LLC were recognized for their service to the light aircraft community.In September, Adam was presented with a Service Award for his performance on the Committee on Technical Committee Operations (COTCO) for 2010-2012. As stated in the committee’s scope, “COTCO develops and maintains …

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Streamline Designs at AirVenture

Oshkosh, Wis.-During the week of July 23-29, Adam Morrison and Severin Kempf of Streamline Designs led multiple committees and task groups at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Severin, as Task Group Chairman, had the difficult job of leading the group working to redefine the minimum useful load of Light Sport Aircraft while Adam led the …

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Streamline Designs heavily involved with LSA meetings and activities prior to the 2010 U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida.

Sebring, FL Just prior to the 2010 LSA Expo in Sebring, Florida, Adam Morrison and Severin Kempf of Streamline Designs led ASTM meetings related to Light Sport Aircraft standards. Adam serves as Chairman of the fixed-wing subcommittee as well as overall committee Vice-Chairman and Severin serves as Task Group Technical Contact for the development of …

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Streamline Designs POH Design Receives Accolades

Indianapolis, IN In early 2008, Streamline Designs finished the complete rewrite and redesign of the Jabiru J250-SP Pilot’s Operating Handbook in accordance with the current requirements of ASTM F2245. The newly refreshed handbook was featured among others in EAA’s Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft. The comments in the magazine were very complimentary of the …

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