ASTM International Awards 2012

In the fall of 2012 Adam Morrison and Severin Kempf of Streamline Designs, LLC were recognized for their service to the light aircraft community.In September, Adam was presented with a Service Award for his performance on the Committee on Technical Committee Operations (COTCO) for 2010-2012. As stated in the committee’s scope, “COTCO develops and maintains the Regulations Governing ASTM Technical Committees and acts upon recommended changes.” Kenneth F. Yarosh, the 2012 Chairman of the Board for ASTM International, recognizes members of COTCO for their contribution to the “legislative arm” of standards development for ASTM.In October at the 10th Anniversary Meeting of ASTM International Technical Committee F37 in Atlanta, GA, both men were recognized for their contributions and service to the committee.Severin was presented with a Standards Excellence Award 2012. This award was presented for effective leadership of the task group which developed the first audit program standard specifically for Light Sport Aircraft.* Severin said about receiving this award, “It is always great to see work turn into something useful for the industry and I am humbled by the award from the committee regarding this work.”Adam was recognized with the first annual Daniel A. Schultz Award. This award, named in honor of Daniel Schultz and his contributions to ASTM, is given in recognition of his leadership on committees and contributions to standards development, and is awarded for significant and outstanding contributions to global standardization by the Light Sport Aircraft community. This highest- recognized F37 Committee Award was presented to Adam for his long time devotion to standards development in support of light sport aircraft.

Adam responded to the recognition by saying it was an honor to be recognized by the Light Sport Aircraft committee on it’s 10th Anniversary during Streamline Design’s own 10th Anniversary year.

Technical Committee F37 addresses issues related to design, performance, quality acceptance tests and safety monitoring for light sport aircraft (LSA). While in Atlanta the committee also passed F2972, a new standard for light sport quality assurance.