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Technical, Business, and Certification Consultation

Streamline Designs has served the light aviation industry as a certification and technical consultant in successful projects ranging from engine certification, SLSA initial certification to multinational certification, as well as “out of the box” approaches to certification and certs basis within the US. In a complex area with many rules and regulations. Our clients appreciate the right connections and approach to each individual project.

Design, Analysis, and Test

Our experience ranges from idea to production, including prototyping, reverse engineering, production design, cost or weight reduction, and service redesign. No component system is too big or too small for our eye for detail and excellence in design and optimization.
We can also provide analysis, and testing on any scale, From whole aircraft loads, to aero analysis, to drop testing, to the aesthetics and stress in a wing strut or control stick. We have extensive experience in the design and execution of tests to verify, validate, or qualify.

Information Management and Technical Publications

SD’s on-time tech pubs completion also has a spotless record, with zero findings on any FAA audit. Ever. We can help streamline your organization’s access, storage, and use of everyday (and obscure) information — including overlapping information used across multiple output channels like handbooks, manuals, websites, and intranets.

As companies grow, technical documents can quickly outstrip standard word processing and spreadsheet-based tracking. Let Streamline Designs help you manage your information, create new documents, update existing ones, and keep it all maintained and tidy.

Reverse Engineering


Enabling definition.

Flight Test and Data Acquisition


Enabling validation.

Analysis and Redesign


Enabling optimization: producibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

User-Friendly, Compliant Documentation


Enabling effective communication and continued airworthiness.


Enabling compliance, certification, and the marriage of business and technical perspectives.


Technical, Business, and Certification Consultation

Personnel Training

As a kickoff to their SLSA certification programs, several aircraft manufacturers have called upon Streamline Designs to conduct ASTM compliance training. SD has conducted training in the US, Europe, and Asia for manufacturers, users, general interest parties, regulatory personnel, and government entities. Training sessions are tailor-made to suit the needs of the students.

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Business Structures and Systems Assessment for Certification Readiness

Streamline Designs was hired as a “fresh set of eyes,” familiar with the light aviation industry, to assess a larger business’ readiness and planning process for initial SLSA certification. Client was extremely pleased with the ability of the consultant to “quickly home in” on key issues, and the provision of several workable solutions within the organization. Implementation of these solutions was immediate, with immediate returns.

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Design, Analysis, and Test

Bulkhead/Float-Mount Analysis and Redesign

Some permanent wrinkling of the stressed skin structure was noted during hard landings on the client’s aircraft. The float-mount and airframe interactions were thoroughly analyzed and the system redesigned with a retrofittable, reduced-weight, and aesthetic solution.

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Airspeed Calibration Curve Testing and Data Reduction and Analysis

Calibration for error between indicated and true airspeeds was conducted after a new baseline for aircraft configuration and weight and balance was established. All test planning, test sheets, equipment, and data acquisition capability was supplied by Streamline Designs. The data was reduced to provide usable calibration curves for the aircraft.

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Landing Gear Design

An existing landing gear system was redesigned to meet the structural requirements for load factor during an aggressive drop test. Finite Element Analysis and a homegrown energy-based gear design code were used. The client reports that “the new design is superior and passes drop tests far in excess of the requirements” and “provides a smoother ride during taxi, takeoff, and landing.”

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Hull Water Loads Prediction and Testing

Verifiable compliance data was collected for a seaplane hull after the applicable loads were predicted according to the requirements. The loads calculations, test setup and execution, and collection of data was accomplished by Streamline Designs.

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Engine Installation Design for Amphibious Aircraft

Engine Installation Design for Amphibious Aircraft
A new engine installation design was requested for an existing airframe, but with new engines that produce 15% more power. The fielded solution included the design, analysis, drawing generation, and related construction manual generation. Considerations for the twin engine design included retrofit capability for fielded aircraft, fuel, electrical, and related systems, additional life of parts, airframe-powerplant interaction, vibration, noise characteristics, and weight and balance.

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Air-Cam 914 Engine Installations

Methods Development and Information Management

Dynamic Compliance Database

Developed and launched a complete compliance database including revision control and maintenance strategy for client seeking ASTM compliance to Light Sport Aircraft standards. The database handles documents, parts lists (BOM), and approval workflows.

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