Streamline Designs at AirVenture

Oshkosh, Wis.-During the week of July 23-29, Adam Morrison and Severin Kempf of Streamline Designs led multiple committees and task groups at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Severin, as Task Group Chairman, had the difficult job of leading the group working to redefine the minimum useful load of Light Sport Aircraft while Adam led the discussion and writing of new quality assurance standard for all LSA to consolidate and harmonize five of the current standards.

As Vice Chairman of ASTM Committee F37 on Light Sport Aircraft, Adam played an integral role in organizing several task groups and committee meetings that met during the week. These meetings were all attended by representatives of the FAA and covered a variety of topics including: electric propulsion and their incorporation into LSA, equipment standards on avionics and the systems avionics interact with, a discussion on airframe emergency parachute systems and the definition of make and model of LSA. The last was of particular interest to manufacturers and the FAA as the FAA begins to audit manufacturers when they release new models.

In addition to committee meetings Adam and Severin were able to meet with Quicksilver Aeronautics LLC to discuss the ratings assessment Streamline Designs had done for Quicksilver regarding their viability of moving into LSA. For the complete article go to Quicksilver at AirVenture(external link).

Severin and Adam were able to spend Tuesday touring the various booths in the Exhibit Hangers. There they had the chance to talk with suppliers, software and avionics companies about the latest innovations and technologies available. Severin especially appreciated the opportunity to talk with other engineers and professionals who understand the challenges faced by those working in the light aircraft industry.

Image AirVenture is a family affair for Streamline Designs and both families look forward to Thursday when everyone comes out and enjoys KidVenture. As Severin puts it, “It is refreshing to be in a family friendly business involved in a family friendly industry. It is great to give the kids a glimpse of what I do and the kind of people I work with.” Building balsa gliders and flying gas-powered control line models were particular favorites with the kids.

Adam summed up the week by saying, “It is always good to visit a familiar place and connect with people from the industry. To see that Streamline Designs plays a significant role in the light aircraft industry and for the kids to have a family friendly environment where they can see what we do as a company.”