Streamline Designs POH Design Receives Accolades

Indianapolis, IN In early 2008, Streamline Designs finished the complete rewrite and redesign of the Jabiru J250-SP Pilot’s Operating Handbook in accordance with the current requirements of ASTM F2245. The newly refreshed handbook was featured among others in EAA’s Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft. The comments in the magazine were very complimentary of the POH.

Streamline Designs offers technical communications solutions at any level of involvement needed. We have worked with clients to audit existing technical manuals, redesign existing manuals to meet the international standards requirements, manage tracking databases for fielded manuals, refresh graphics and manual content, and more. Cost for these services varies depending on the nature of the project, but our rates are extremely competitive.

So whether your manuals need to be refreshed or if they don’t even exist yet, we have the skills and expertise necessary to capture your vision and we would love to see your technical manual featured here in the future.
POH Weight and Balance

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